Our firm has specialised in assisting charities, often local, for many years. The Charity Commission are tightening regulations for all types of charity and we can provide peace of mind to you as Trustees that your financial and information returns are compliant with the Charities Act and other regulations. Our clients range from the very small to large incorporated charities and our team has tremendous expertise in auditing and accounts preparation as well as planning and forecasting for charities.

Charity Audits

Where an audit is necessary or desirable we will complete the task efficiently and to a high standard, using the knowledge we gain of your charity to give solid advice to improve it. We conduct our audits alongside the many other services we offer such as Bookkeeping, Payroll and outsourcing.

Independent Examiners Reports and Accountants Reports

We will advise you which reports are necessary and if not whether such a report would be useful to your charity. We will prepare your annual accounts as efficiently as possible and meet compliance and time deadlines. We will use our business knowledge to help to improve your charity’s operations.

Charity Taxation

We can help in the following areas:

-We can assist in the creation of a charity gift aid scheme or set up and run one.

-Calculate and submit gift aid claims.

-Where the government plans for extended taxation of some charity sectors we can advise on appropriate steps to alleviate any threats.

-Give advice on any other taxation issues.

Charity Operational Planning and Administration

From start up to forward planning our forecasting and set up skills come from many years of experience to help you to achieve the aims of your charity. We can offer as much practical help as you think you will need to make your charity operations efficient. We can give quarterly or annual reviews as you find useful and forecasts from one year at a time to five or ten year plans.

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