By working together with you and using our experience and expertise, we will ensure that you pay the minimum tax required by law.

Corporation Tax

Under Corporation Tax Self Assessment, you as company owners are required to correctly calculate the corporation tax liability. You are required to prepare and submit the corporation tax return to HM Revenue and Customs by a specific deadline to avoid fines and penalties. We can give reassurance and help you to save time by calculating your company’s corporation tax and filing the return before the deadline.

HMRC Investigations

HM Revenue and Customs continue to widen and increase the detail of their investigations into the affairs of individuals, sole traders, partnerships and Limited Companies. We have a long experience of negotiating with HM Revenue and Customs and with our expertise can make a visit less stressful and help to reach a quick and satisfactory conclusion to the visit.

Personal Tax (For individuals, sole traders and partnerships)

We work with you to make effective plans to minimise your personal tax liabilities and calculate and give advice on:

-Income tax

-Capital gains tax

-Inheritance tax

Self Assessment

Frequent and complex legislative changes mean that compliance with the Self Assessment regime is becoming increasingly difficult and the preparation of Tax Returns is often confusing and time consuming; where deadlines are not met, interest and penalty charges can be expensive. We have a long experience of Tax Return preparation for all types of individuals and our expert advice prevents problems in meeting deadlines and gives peace of mind. We will prepare your Tax Return and let you know how much tax to pay and when.

Trusts and Estates

We can advise on the use of Trusts for tax planning and assist with estate planning for individuals.


HM Revenue and Customs change their regulations and requirements on a regular basis and reach more businesses for inspection than ever before. We provide an efficient service including the following:

- Advice on the necessity of VAT registration

- Completion of VAT registration forms

- Completion of quarterly VAT returns

- VAT control and reconciliation

- Assistance with VAT inspections

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